Wednesday, June 1, 2011

CGC's Blood Test Campaign

Dear All,

Our health, and that of our family members are very important. Health is better than wealth. There is no point in having plenty of money when our health is poor and we have to see the doctor frequently. It is important for us to know whether our body is in good condition or otherwise.

CGC and Pathlab are currently holding a blood test campaign until July 30, 2011. Vouchers are available at CGC and each voucher only cost RM100 for a 18KS test which is a comprehensive General Health Screen comprising of 41 tests for your general health, with extra Tumour Marker - Alpha Fetoprotein (Liver Cancer) as well as for H.Pylori.

When you purchase the voucher, you are not only paying for your blood test but at the same time contributing to charity because CGC is a non-profit dharma centre.

For more information, please call Mr. Yeoh at 012 4285528 or Miss Stephanie at 012 428 2929 or you can email us at Take care of your health and support us in this campaign.

Thank You.

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