Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche's visit

Rejoice, Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche would be visiting Chokyi Gyaltsen Center today. His Holiness would be arriving around 8pm Malaysian time. Today's teaching would be about Guru Devotion. Please do not miss this wonderful event. See you there.

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Puja CD
Suggested Price: RM 180.00 (per set)
CD’s Chant By: Geshe Tenzin Zopa
Including: Medicine Buddha Puja, Tara Puja, Protector Puja & Guru Puja

Mahayana Magazine Vol.II
Suggested Price: RM 12.00 each

Powerful Mantra Cards
Size: 15cm x 25cm
Suggested Price: RM 10.00 per pack
Powerful Mantra Cards, Including:
1) Prayer to Padma Sambhava Guru Rinpoche –Saving from Earth Danger Practice
2) Mantra Of Kunrig – The Deity Who Liberates From Lower Realms
3) Mantra Of Yeshe Ta-La - Saving from Earth Danger Practice
4) The Practice Of Ksitigarbha – To Avert Danger and Purify Obstacles
5) Stainless Pinnacle – One Of the Five Powerful Mantras Manifested to Purify Negative Karma
6) Mantra Of Buddha Mitrukpa - One Of the Five Powerful Mantras Manifested to Purify Negative Karma
7) The Lotus Pinnacle of Amogabasha – The Heart Of the Stainless One
8) Namgyalma Mantras - One Of the Five Powerful Mantras Manifested to Purify Negative Karma

Suggested Price: RM 10.00 per pc

Dzambhala Mantra Card
Suggested Price: RM 5.00
Size: 15cm x 21cm
Dzambhala is the Buddhist deity of wealth. One of the historical Buddha’s disciples, Dzambhala made a vow to assist sentient beings by providing for their material needs. His meditation allows one to hook into Dzambhala’s energy of prosperity

Medicine Buddha Mantra Card
Suggested Offering: RM 5.00 each
Size: 15cm x 22cm

Size: 15cm x 21cm
Medicine Buddha is an extremely powerful form of enlightened energy. The practices of Medicine Buddha are efficacious in healing and helping one to accomplish one’s goals successfully. It can be of benefit to someone who is ill or even someone who has died to offer such a statue for the purpose of helping that person to overcome their illness or for a good rebirth in the next life.

Mantras Book
Suggested Offering: RM 5.00
Size: 8.5cm x 11cm
This Mantras Book including: -
Mantra to Cherezig, Green Tara, White Jambhala, Medicine Buddha, White Umbrella Goddess, Manjushri and many more.

Photo of H.E. Khenrinpoche
(Abbot of Kopan Monastery – Nepal)
Size: 10cm x 15cm
Suggested Offering: RM 0.00 (By Donation)

Photo of Kybeje Lama Zopa Rinpoche
(FPMT Founder and FPMT Spiritual Director)
Size: 13cm x 18cm
Suggested Offering: RM 0.00 (By Donation)

Lawudo Incense Sticks
Suggested Price: RM 20.00
Made from a special selection of juniper, rhododendron and other high altitude flowers and trees gathered in the valleys of the Everest region of the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal.
Hand made by Khachoe Ghakyil Ling, the FPMT nunnery in Kathmandu Nepal
The box is 4” long and contains approx. 60 sticks in an attractive hand made paper box.

Pure Land Incense
Suggested Price: RM 10.00
Pure Land Incense is made by Khachoe Ghakyil Ling Nunnery, the FPMT nunnery in Kathmandu, Nepal.
There are four varieties available: Relaxation, Meditation, Inspiration and Healing
Relaxation (Yellow Box) contains herbs from mountain meadows that refresh and relax
Meditation (Green Box) contains special herbs and sandalwood that calm the mind
Healing (Red Box) contains 25 medicinal plants to promote a healing response from the mind
Inspiration (Blue Box) uplifts and inspires the mind
Each box of Incense is 9” long x 1” deep x 1” wide and contains 20 to 28 sticks depending on size.

Suggest Price: RM 18.00
We have:
- Morning Puja
- Evening Puja
- Sandalwood
- Blue Heaven
- Detang Kunchap

Sanghata Sutra
Suggested Offering: RM 0.00 (By Donation)
Read the Arya Sanghata Sutra, there is far greater merit (than just hearing it); then, if you write it – much, much more. Anyone is hearing it - animals, frogs, birds, so no question about pets like your beautiful cat, your darling cat, even spirits – collects that much merit. Can you imagine? It is like an impossible thing in the life that happens. When those animals, your cat and other animals, hear you recite Buddha’s teachings, it definitely makes them to receive higher rebirth and to meet Dharma. The very minute you hear it, the five uninterrupted negative karmas - the extremely heavy negative karmas that right after death, immediately without interruption of another life, you get born into hell; you get reborn in the lowest hot hell, which has the heaviest suffering of the lower realms, of which the life span lasts for one intermediate eon – those get completely purified. This happens even for the sentient beings who hear the sutra, the minute they hear the sutra.

Diamond Cutter Sutra
Suggested Offering: RM 0.00 (By Donation)
By having heard the Vajra Cutter Sutra, if you don’t give up faith, merely with that, the merit that you collect is inconceivable, unbelievable, and unimaginable. Reading Vajra Cutter Sutra is an incredible source of unbelievably powerful purification of all previous negative karmas collected since beginningless rebirths - all those unbelievable heavy ones. This is in addition to the unbelievable, incredible merit you collect by reading it, or just by keeping it.
The most important thing is that each time we read it; it plants a seed, an imprint to realize emptiness. The more you read it, the more imprints it leaves on the mind. So it becomes easy to realize emptiness. It becomes quicker and quicker to realize emptiness in this life. If not in this life, then quickly in future lives. Then by developing this wisdom, you achieve the wisdom of great insight unified with shamatha. You can meditate on emptiness unified with shamatha and are able to derive rapturous ecstasy of the body and mind. Then through this, you are able to achieve the direct perception of emptiness that ceases the defilements and the disturbing thoughts; first, by ceasing the intellectual all obscuring thought, and then the simultaneously born one. That is how you achieve liberation, by ceasing that completely, including the imprint, the seed.