Saturday, March 12, 2011

Medicine Buddha Jangwa Puja - Sunday, 10/04/2011

Dear All,

As we know Ching Ming festival is coming soon. Chokyi Gyaltsen Centre will conduct the annual Ching Ming's Medicine Buddha Jangwa Puja. This time the puja will be led by our Resident Geshe - Geshe Deyang.

This is a very good thing to do. Sponsoring such puja for your ancestors (if they are already born in the lower realms, by dedicating the merits of this puja, they can receive the merit and will quickly take the next rebirth to a higher rebirth). And also by dedicating merits for yourself for repaying the karmic debt, your life obstacles will be removed substantially - we never know how much karmic debt we created in the past, so it is good to do this annually.

If you are free on 10/04/2011 (Sunday), it is good to attend the puja if not Geshe Deyang will do the puja and make the dedication. You will receive great merits if you can personally participate in the puja.

Please fill in the sponsor names and your dedication in the attached form.
The closing date is Wednesday, 30th March 2011.

The payment can be done through our bank - Public Bank and the Account No: 3144257518.

For further information, please call 012 428 2929 or email to us at

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