Sunday, January 10, 2010

CGC Appears In FPMT International News January 2010

Ling Rinpoche’s Visit to FPMT Centers in Malaysia

On his recent visit to Malaysia, Ling Rinpoche graciously accepted the invitations of the FPMT centers to teach there. At the Chokyi Gyaltsen Study Group in Penang, Rinpoche was requested to speak on an intriguing topic: how to enjoy samsara without feeling guilty. Daniel Yeoh, the group coordinator reported that Rinpoche clearly and precisely answered that samsara can’t be enjoyed.

Daniel added that Gala Rinpoche (who was among the eleven Sangha in the entourage) praised the work of Lama Zopa Rinpoche and the devotion of the Malaysian students, and made the observation that “all the altars are set up in a way that as you enter the center, you will feel that it is a FPMT center or a Lama Tsongkhapa lineage center, and that he could not see any worldly gods on or near the altar.”

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