Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Talk on Healthy Eating, Vegetarian Food & Environment Protection

Vegetarian food has become popular over the years, with many people opting for meatless meals, for health reasons or for religious purposes.

There have been myths that vegetarian food does not have the nutritions vital for the growth of a child or to keep oneself as strong as an ox.

Some of these answers will be available at a talk by Island Hospital's clinical dietician Lim Fei Ai at 3pm on Saturday, July 18 at Chokyi Gyaltsen Centre, 37-Y, Lorong Zoo 1, Air Itam, Penang. Her topic is Healthy Eating, Vegetarian Food and Environment Protection.
She will also have a question-and-answer session. So please come to the centre on July 18 to know more about vegetarian food.

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